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Always Tired CO was born in 2020 based on the styling and design of modern & alternative home & office spaces. The brand was created as a result of the global pandemic making myself redundant from the safe and secure 9 till 5 day job. Once I was handed an abundance of free time, my iPad became the outlet of choice...I began to self teach Procreate, illustration and generally have fun with my awarded 'free time'. The resulting product of this endeavour is the brand that you see today. Hard work, dedication, time, passion and fate is what makes AlwaysTiredCO possible, as well as endless workdays, hence 'always tired'. 

Always Tired CO is a completely self sufficient company ran by the one man show, Shaun. My self taught style is quirky, bright, unconventional, bizarre, on trend and generally a mixture of anything and everything. I undertake everything from design, to production, from fulfilling orders to refilling my coffee. I in-house print every order, which means consistency and quality control is high, I won't be fulfilling orders I wouldn't be happy to receive myself. 


Although always Tired CO is an independent brand, I am supported by my fiancé every second of the day and wouldn't be where I am without the help, love and guidance I receive from her. 

Chelsey is an incredible artist in her own discipline, click here to see/support/share her business. 

Thank you so much to every single one of you. 



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